Tennis predictions for today

Single Coef: 1.82, Bet size: 1,20% of the bank
20.01.2020 Australian Open, Australia, R1 Humbert Ugo - Millman John, (p1)

Single Coef: 5.05, Bet size: 0,30% of the bank
20.01.2020 Challenger. Bangkok 2, Thailand, R1 Samrej Kasidit - Uchida Kaichi, (p1)

Single Coef: 2.23, Bet size: 0,90% of the bank
19.01.2020 Australian Open. Women, Australia, R1 Tomljanovic Ajla - Sevastova Anastasija, (p1)

Single Coef: 2.08, Bet size: 1,00% of the bank
19.01.2020 Australian Open. Women, Australia, R1 Krejcikova Barbora - Kanepi Kaia, (p1)

Single Coef: 1.87, Bet size: 1,20% of the bank
19.01.2020 Australian Open. Women, Australia, R1 Siegemund Laura - Vandeweghe Coco, (p1)

Information about bets on tennis

In the end of this article there's a guide how to bet using infromation from this website, read till the end!

Choosing your bookie

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of bookmaker organizations - those for people who bet for fun (recreational), and professional ones. In the former type they often have a wide range of events, various bonuses and promos to attract beginners, so it's a good idea to start there if you're new to betting. But if you improve at betting and start to consistently win money, then, most likely, they will put limits on your account, hinting that they don't want to work with you anymore. If it happened to you, then we can agree that you already understand basics of betting and it's worth to try a professional bookmaker. You have less events there, less small-markets, less deposit/withdrawal methods, but those disadvantages are well compensated with the fact that they let you to keep winning and cashing out money. The best idea would be to have accounts on several bookmaker websites at the same time and bet on the one which offers the best odds for your current bet. My recommendation for a recreational bookmaker is 1xBet, and professional is Pinnacle.

Bookmaker margin

Different bookmakers can give different margin for the same event, for example, for the match Sinner J. - Wawrinka S. gives us odds 2,77 - 1,51, but Bet365 gives us 2.75 - 1.44 Let's calculate the margin Pinnacle 100/2.77 + 100/1.51 - 100 = 2.33% Bet365 100/2.75 + 100/1.44 - 100 = 5.81% The lesser is the margin the more efficient it is to bet with that bookmaker. However, if Bet365 would give the same odds for Sinnera as Pinnacle then it wouldn't matter where you bet on Sinnera.

Blocking and betting websites

Various countries restrict access to international bookmakers, prohibit making deposits from cards, inviting citizens of their countries to play in their local licensed offices. There would be nothing wrong with this if the local bookmakers would give good odds and wide event coverage. But in conditions of a monopoly, such local bookmakers are impudent and make extremely unfavorable conditions, for example, a margin of 15%. It is almost impossible to beat such a margin. Therefore, players bypass the blocking using a VPN. This is not very convenient, but it gives the ability to bet on good conditions. The easiest and most convenient way to bypass restrictions and place bets is to download special programs provided by bookmakers on mobile phone or desktop.

Betting using cryptocurrencies

Because of increasing pressure from the governments, more and more bookmaker organizations implement deposits and withdrawals in crypto currencies. Some of the biggest bookmakers already have it. It wouldn't be hard to predict that a massive migration of bookmakers to bitcoin and other crypto is coming. That's why everybody who wants to get into betting, or simply people who don't want to be dependent from government financial regulations, should research this topic.

Analysis of tennis matches

When analyzing a tennis match (as well as any other sporting event), you need to consider many factors. For tennis in particular, we should pay attention to such criteria:

  • General skill level of a player
  • His current shape
  • Motivation for the tournament or a particular game
  • Surface material (grass, concrete etc.)
  • Age
  • Height
  • See if his opponent is a leftie, for some players it can be a problem
  • and more

You need to take all of this into account. For example, a young, tall guy plays on a hard surface against a seasoned concrete player of a higher skill who although isn't in a good shape. The odds on a younger one would be, for example, 1.63, Then he is a favorite with a probability of winning 100 / 1.63 = 61.35%. You need to make your own assessment of the probabilities. If we assessed that the first player will win in more than 61.35% of the cases, then it's a good bet. If we assessed the victory at 60% chance, then it's unprofitable to bet on him in the long run, although we still consider him a favorite.

Distance, dispersion and ROI

The main indicator of the success of betting rates is ROI (Return On Investment), which he shows over a long distance. A sufficient distance to evaluate ROI can be considered a minimum of a thousand bets. At a short distance ROI can not be considered credible. For example, a successful bettor with 100 bets can have the ROI of + 20% or -20% Formula ROI in bets = Profit / Sum of bets * 100% For example, 500 bets were made with a fixed amount of $ 100 and the profit was $ 2000 then ROI = 2000 / (500 * 100) * 100% = 4% As in poker, sports betting has periods of upstream and downstream, most often it is simply called Dispersion.

Bankroll management

In any cash games (poker, bets, forex, and so on) it is necessary to comply with bank management. Betting professionals calculate the size of the bet based on the probability of passing the bet and the current bank. Bets on 1.5 and on 1.7 odds should be different. There are various ways to calculate the bet size. This site uses a conservative logarithmic calculation of the bet size. So at a coefficient of 1.55, a rate of 1.53% of the bank will be recommended. With a coefficient of 2.1 - 0.95% of the current bank. If you do not comply with bank management and make bets over 5% of the bank, then there is a high probability of falling into a negative dispersion and losing all your bankroll in tilt.

How to bet using this website

All bets on are published after handmade analysis using our own system and they're located on top of this page. Expected ROI is 5-10% Betting links lead directly to the match. You only need to calculate size of the bet. The rate is indicated as a percentage of the bank as "Bet size:% 1% of the bank". If you decide to bet on the forecasts of this site then you need to follow these recommendations. On the "Results" page, all calculated bets with profit calculation for each bet based on the amount of $ 100 per bet. And the resulting ROI is displayed. It is ok to connect events into a express bets (in fact it's even recommended for the events with odds of less than 1.4), but not more than 3 in one express and express coefficient not more than 2.1 That is, if two events give the coefficient of express 1.83, and three 2.3 - then you should put the express of 2 events. Keep in mind that some bookmakers make expressing unprofitable, as they decrease the final coefficient. For example, we put in an express two events at 1.35 and 1.41. In most bookmaker websites the coefficient of express will be 1.35 * 1.41 = 1.90, and in some, for example 1.85. Such express trains are not profitable. So, if you decide to connect events in an express bet which has total odds close to 2.0, then the size of the bet should be around 1% of the current bank.